How Realtor Susie Verrill Helps Clients Close 16 Days Faster

Sep 30, 2020 / by Elizabeth Mixon

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A Union County native, Susie Verrill is an expert in all things fun in Charlotte. And with two decades of experience as a buying and selling agent with Coldwell Banker, she’s also an expert in all things for sale in Charlotte.

Her years in the real estate industry have helped Susie build a list of trusted resources for her clients. Need an attorney recommendation? She’s got it! Contractor? Got it! Inspector? Got it. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to her clients regularly leads her to closing over 25 transactions a year. However, Charlotte’s hot market has made purchasing a home a longer and harder process for buyers.

Struggling to Buy and Sell

The average listing price for homes in Charlotte has climbed 16% in the past year, while inventory has shrunk by 51%. This seller's market often leads to a buyers biggest fear—a multiple offer situation. This can be particularly hard for buyers who are financing through a bank that comes with contingencies or for buyers who need to sell their current home first.

When Susie’s clients need to sell and buy, the whole process can take more than 3 months to complete. Many of her clients, understandably, don’t want to wait months to get into their new home, especially as many are new to the area. So, Susie has been using Ribbon.

Cash Offers to Buy Homes Faster

With Ribbon’s Cash Offer program, Susie’s clients can put in a contingency-free cash offer that sellers love—even before selling their home. This means they can win in a multiple-offer situation, decreasing the time it takes to secure a home, and have the time and space to sell their current home later. A solution for every issue.

And it’s been a life saver.

Recently, one of Susie’s clients sold their home before buying something new and while house hunting ended up having to live in two temporary residences. If uprooting multiple times and trying to find something they loved to move into wasn’t challenging enough, they then had a loan that wasn’t working out, putting them at risk of having to start the buying process all over again. So, they used Ribbon. They were able to close on their new home in 14 days, move in right away, and figure out financing once settled.

Like the best real estate agents, Susie wants to ensure that all of her clients have the chance to get the home they love and she’s more than happy to use whatever tools she can to help in such a hard market. Luckily, Ribbon is there every step of the way.

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Elizabeth Mixon

Written by Elizabeth Mixon